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1 ETH = 2250 MON

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What is ICO of MillionCoin token?

We have started a unique token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to the funds obtained we are planning to initiate a system of comprehensive services that will gather in one place innovative and, until this moment, unused areas of the cryptocurrencies’ market in order to enable their use in everyday life.

For the first time since the creation of cryptocurrencies you will have at your disposal modern transaction solutions and priceless experts’ counseling in one place. Thanks to our platform the processes with the use of cryptocurrencies will become safer, and the commissions for particular activities will become more favorable for the users.

Within a few platforms connected into one system, you will be able to:

  • sell goods and services in cryptocurrencies,
  • automate the trading processes,
  • use the dedicated software,
  • exchange cryptocurrencies,
  • use legal/tax and bookkeeping/accounting counseling.

One Million Shop

One Million Shop is a place like no other on the Internet. You can buy here products and services settling the payments in cryptocurrencies. If you are a seller, you can settle your goods or services in cryptocurrencies or in a traditional way. If you are a buyer, you can pay for them without the necessity of exchanging cryptocurrencies into traditional legal tenders. Thanks to the MillionCoin token your shopping will become easier, faster and cheaper.

Release the cryptocurrencies potential with us! Buy and sell without limitations!

One Million Shop

Cars - Germany

Volkswagen Arteon
2.0l 190 KM Diesel

Volkswagen Arteon

Cars - Poland

Maserati Levante
2.9l 430 KM Petrol

Maserati Levante

Cars - Great Britain

Lamborghini Huracan
5.2l 640 KM Petrol

Lamborghini Huracan

AT. Systems Bot

AT. Systems Bot

Get to know a professional tool for making automated transactions on cryptocurrencies exchanges. Get to know At.systems Bot that will help you earn more on cryptocurrencies. Our tool is characterized by simplicity of use and richness of tools as well as effectiveness and comfort that will enable you to achieve better results while trading cryptocurrencies. It is up to you to decide if you are using ready-made plans or if you personally set the key parameters in order to achieve optimal results.

Trust the technology of automation and maximize your profits!


One of the members of our project is a company that creates specialized IT software. We guarantee the highest level of security on our platform, effective operation of all its elements and constant supervision over the development of the code.

Currencies exchange

Our aim is to make purchasing, exchanging and using cryptocurrencies in payments simple.

  • Payment processor - enables payments in cryptocurrencies within the system.
  • Exchange office - enables fast exchange of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies.
  • Exchange - each platform user has an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies with other users and to receive the payments in any currency.


Within the platform we provide tools to account for cryptocurrencies transactions as well as insight into the full history necessary for tax settlements.

  • Accounting - Accounting office and integrated accounts according to the acts in force.
  • Billing - clear information on transactions within the whole platform and software for accounting the cryptocurrencies trade.


Cryptocurrencies are a dynamically changing financial environment. We provide you with support of professional lawyers and the latest legal analyses on this subject.

  • Regulations analysis - providing current information on the legal regulations in force
  • Counseling - providing services on legal and cryptocurrencies counseling

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