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What is the MONx token, what is its usefulness and what does it bring to the Blockchain market?

The MONx token was created on the basis of one of the leading cryptocurrencies - TRX. TRON (TRX), created by Justin Sun, gives you the possibility to perform transactions within the system 200 times faster than the Ethereum network has offered so far.

MONx is not another speculative token. This is the token needed to perform specific moves throughout the entire OneMillion area.

Within the trading platform you will have an opportunity to:

  • sell goods and services cheaper
  • promote and advertise your products
  • buy unique and yet to be released goods

Within the trading platform, users will have an opportunity to:

  • reduce the cost of subscription for special plans
  • track traders' plans
  • access trainings related to basic and extended trading

The most important step is to integrate all platforms into one complete ecosystem. Having in mind both entrepreneurs as well as private persons, it will ultimately be possible to exchange currencies between applications without the requirement to transfer them between stock exchanges, exchange offices and stores. Thanks to this, additional transaction fees will not be charged.

One Million Shop

One Million Shop is a place like no other on the Internet. You can buy here products and services settling the payments in cryptocurrencies. If you are a seller, you can settle your goods or services in cryptocurrencies or in a traditional way. If you are a buyer, you can pay for them without the necessity of exchanging cryptocurrencies into traditional legal tenders. Thanks to the MillionCoin token your shopping will become easier, faster and cheaper.

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One Million Shop

Cars - Germany

Volkswagen Arteon
2.0l 190 KM Diesel

Volkswagen Arteon

Cars - Poland

Maserati Levante
2.9l 430 KM Petrol

Maserati Levante

Cars - Great Britain

Lamborghini Huracan
5.2l 640 KM Petrol

Lamborghini Huracan

AT. Systems Bot

AT. Systems Bot

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